Students' Activities at Government Saiha College
Union Body:

Every year Students’ Union election is held to elect candidates for students’ leaders for the standing ‘Students’ Union’. The students’ union cooperates with the College authorities to carry out different healthy practices both inside the College campus and outside the campus along with the society

Counselling Cell:

There are always individual differences among the students due to their background, the location of the school where they studied or strained relation with their parents and relatives or other reasons. So the problematic or delinquent and depressed students were selected and their cases were studied without the knowledge of other students. The results of the case study were analysed and remedial measures were taken to help them to tide over their critical situation. Outcome of such studies showed encouraging results.


Alumni selected their Office Bearers who often met, discussed problems connected with the development of the College and made proposals. During the reporting year, the Alumni Association held meetings for two times.

Parent-Teacher Association:

Parent – Teacher Association is active in this area. It is this association that felt the need of introducing the new courses, discussed matters and made proposals to the College authority to take steps to open new faculties like Commerce, Geography and Public Administration at the UG Level.

Students’ Assessment of Teachers:

Govt. Saiha College has given a chance to the students to assess their teachers on the basis of their efficiency in teaching, regularity, punctuality, affability and overall performance. The result was analyzed and used as a constructive feed back.