IGNOU Courses available at : Government Saiha College

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Study Centre Office


There is a Study Centre of IGNOU located inside Government Saiha College Campus.

Details of Courses currently available in the Study Centre is as below :

Sl. No.Graduation LevelPost-Graduation Level
1B.A.(BDP)Public Administration
2 Economics
3 Political Science
4 Sociology
5 English

All the Courses are Under recognition from INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY(IGNOU)

IGNOU Special Study Centre has been functioning in the College Campus with more than 350 students in BPP, BDP (B.A.). and M.A. This Special Study Centre has been upgraded to Study –Centre with some additional subjects. 16 students had completed M.A. in various disciplines so far.50 students had graduated from IGNOU, Govt. Saiha College, Saiha.

“Convergence Scheme” under DEC has been working in Govt. Saiha College which is being activated by IGNOU. B.Com., M.A. in English, M.A. in Public Administration, M.A. in Economics, CIC etc are offered. 3 students in English and 15 BPP students of Convergence Scheme passed.

Assistant Co-ordinator,
IGNOU Study-Centre-1918,
Govt. Saiha College, Saiha.