Buildings and Class-Room of Government Saiha College
DoNER Ministry, under the Union Government has taken up the task of the construction of College main building. The estimated amount is about Rs. 2 crores. The construction work is on and expected to complete within 2011.

Till the time the institution gets a new building, the authority has taken steps to construct a ‘makeshift’ Assam type building to conduct classes.

Ceiling of Library building was made

Septic tank of Library was constructed

Two urinal sheds for girls were renovated

Plans and estimate of the following were prepared and submitted to Deputy Secretary, UGC, NERO, Guwahati:-

a. Extension of College canteen for Rs. 1.10 lakhs
b. Extension of library building for Rs. 2 lakhs
c. Rental building for teachers and students for 10 lakhs.

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IGNOU Study Centre Building:

Study-Centre-No:1918, IGNOU, Govt. Saiha College has got a new building which is constructed under NREGS Scheme costing about Rs. 3,00,000/-completed and dedicated to the students’ service.