About Government Saiha College,Saiha

        The idea for opening of ARTS COLLEGE at Saiha town for the whole Chhimtuipui District was started since 1974.The first meeting was held in the month of June,1974 under the Chairmanship of Shri K.Paichho, the then Executive Member (Rev).,MADC, and decided to set up a College at Saiha. But due to financial problems and other difficulties, the decision for setting up of a College could not be materialized.

         However, due to the pressure of public, the college was opned at the P.U.C. level w.e.f.20.7.1978. The Government of Mizoram had accorded permission/Recognition for the opening of a College at Saiha w.e.f.1979-80 Vide No. ECL-20/78/44. dt. 2-11-79.

The University also granted Affiliation for P.U.C.level at Govt.Saiha College w.e.f. the session of 1980 81 Vide No.CDC/C.55/79-8-/350.dt.4-7-1980 and granting of Affiliation was renewed in the year of 1985 Vide No.CDC/A-37/3-84/173. dt. 11-1-83 .

Degree Class with I.B.A. was opened in 1980. Permission for the Degree Class was accorded by Government in 1981 Vide No. ECL 34/76/95. dt. 16-7-81. The University also granted provisional affiliation for opening of a Degree Class in Saiha College w.e.f. 1984 -85 Vide No. CDC/C-55/82-83/899 dt. 19-11-82 (for 84-85) and the University ratified the Provisional Affiliation in 1986 Vide No.CDC/A-37/85-86/987 dt. 7-8-1986.

Again, Science Class was opened in the College in the year of 1988. Permission from Government was obtained in 1990 Vide No .B. 16020/1/82-EDC dt..6 4 90 and Affiliation for Science Department was granted by the University Vide No.CDC/A-37/88/950 dt.22-1-91.

Honours Classes in Political Science and History were opened since 1986 and Affiliation for the same was granted by the University Vide No.CDC/A-37/86-87/17 Dt. 6.2.87

The College was upgraded to the status of Deficit Grant-in-aid system in the year of 1985 by the Government Vide No.B.16013/1/84-EDC/59 dt. 10.5.85.

The College was taken over by the Government w.e.f 31.1.1992 Vide No.B.16013/2/91-EDN/17 Dt. 31.1.1992.

PERMANENT AFFILIATION: Permanent Affiliation was granted w.e.f. 1995 Vide No.CDC/A-37/91-92/423 dt. 22-6-1995.

REGISTRATION UNDER U.G.C : The College was registered under section 2(f) of the U.G.C Act 1956 Vide No./ F.8-98/89/CPP-1 dt. 29.3.1996.